Away From Keyboard (AFK)
Reduce eye strain with reminders to take a break

Relax your eyes with AFK

AFK tracks movements on the mouse & keystrokes on the keyboard. After a certain interval, it notifies you to take a break & tells you to do some other activity to reduce eye strain. It takes care of your eyes for you without getting in the way.

Push Notifications

Get push notifications for taking a break after a specific interval of time

Custom Activities

Easily add or remove activities to do after breaks as per your convenience

Custom Timer

Specify break time, notification time, notification message according to your needs

Whether you are a developer, a designer, a gamer or anyone who uses computer for more than 2 hours, you should take breaks often & rest your eyes.

Its highly recommended to take a break every 2 hours & relax your eyes for a while.

AFK notifes you when you are using your computer for too long & tells you to do an activity so that you get away from your keyboard 😉

Save your eyes 👀
Get Away From Keyboard!
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